Borrowing Money and Not Paying Back Quotes

There seems to be a trend in recent times where borrowers try to outsmart those who have lent money to them. They humbly request money with a promise to repay at a due date but end up defaulting, of course, with a full packet of excuses.

When you loan someone money, it’s usually because they’re friends, family members, or colleagues you trust. But it can be very disheartening when they refuse to pay you back. It can also put you in a tough financial position if you rely on that money to make ends meet.

When someone you have loaned money to does not return it, it can be considered a major breach of trust, especially if it was a large sum.

Have you been in a situation where someone who borrowed money from you refused to pay you back? These borrowing money and not paying back quotes describes the unbecoming attitude of borrowers who perpetually owe money and refuse to pay back. Enjoy.

What Do You Say When Someone Owes You Money?

People who owe you money might not pay you because they don’t have the money or try to avoid paying you. Whatever the case may be, they need a reminder and an encouragement to pay up. Here are some things you can say to get your money back:

“I don’t want to take any further action against you as it will be expensive for both of us. So this is your last chance to pay me what you owe me”.

“Hey, it’s been up to 90 days since you paid me, and I haven’t seen anything. Can we talk about it?”

“I know times are tough, but I really need my money back before the end of the month.”

“This is really important to me, so I will have to insist you pay up.”

Borrowing Money and Not Paying Back Quotes

Those who borrow money and don’t pay back are the absolute worst. They take your money and lie about it until you forget about it. Then they only pay you back a little at a time. You’re better off without them.

1. Some people borrow money quickly but are always very slow to return it. The attitude of borrowing money and not paying it back is very bad and should always be discouraged.

2. Borrowing money and not returning it is cruel to treat someone who has lent you money to help you out. Just make sure that your friends don’t act like this!

3. Borrowing money to make ends meet but never returning the money is like an act of disservice.Borrowing Money and Not Paying Back Quotes

4. When a friend borrows money from you, it will ruin your relationship because they won’t pay it back.

5. Every time you borrow money, you should always do your best to pay it back quickly! If you keep borrowing and promise to pay back and then don’t, that makes people upset and disappointed.

6. If you borrow money and then don’t pay it back, that makes people very upset. You should always pay your debts on time.

7. Don’t borrow money from others and promise to pay it back without having the intention of paying them back. Do you know how disappointed people get when they don’t get their money back?

8. Borrowing money for groceries and never paying the money back is a crime.

9. Don’t borrow the money unless you’re sure you can pay it back! If you lie and don’t pay back, that’s a big problem.

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10. Every time you borrow money, you have to pay it back on time. If you don’t, that means you’re a bad person. Don’t do that.Borrowing Money and Not Paying Back Quotes

11. If you borrow money, pay it back. If you don’t have it, don’t borrow, then lie and say you will pay it back. Stop lying. Pay what you borrow.

12. If you don’t pay back what you owe, you will suffer legal consequences and cause other people unspeakable pain and financial hardship. Please, don’t do it!

13. Borrowing money from someone but never returning the money is a despicable act.

14. Borrowing money and never returning it is nothing less than or more than stealing.

15. When someone borrows money from you and never repays, it’s like a slap in the face.

16. Borrowing money and not paying it back is the same as taking something from someone. If you borrow something, you must return it.

17. Don’t ever lend your friends money! They will take you for granted and won’t pay you back.

18. I don’t know what I think of you. But I know that you’re the last person I’d want to lend money to. I know you will never pay back.

19. You can use your umbrella to protect yourself from the rain, but it does not work when you borrow money.Money Is Not the Key to Happiness Quotes

20. A man who does not pay his debts has no character. He is a debtor and a thief.

21. When you borrow a stranger your money, you only waste the loan on someone who has no intention of repaying it.

22. It’s a terrible idea when you lend a stranger your money. Worse yet is when they lie about repaying you.

23. Investing your hard-earned money into someone who wants to give you the short end of the stick? Are you kidding me? Before you lend anyone money, get guaranteed payment terms!

24. Borrowing money without needing it or not paying back the loan is morally wrong.

25. Imagine giving someone your hard-earned money and then having to chase them down for reimbursement? It isn’t very pleasant.

26. Your hard-earned cash should always be protected! Before lending anyone money, make sure you get guaranteed payment terms.Borrowing Money and Not Paying Back Quotes

27. Why give your hard-earned money to someone who is only going to screw you over? Lendign out money these days is a big risk.

28. It doesn’t make a single lick of sense to borrow money and not return it. That means you are taking the person for granted.

29. Lend money to someone who won’t guarantee your investment and watch it all disappear forever. Don’ be a victim of financial illiteracy!

30. When you lend somebody your money, you should just expect to lose it.

31. Lending money to people who never payback is the best way to pour good money down a black hole and watch it disappear.

32. The worst thing in this world is borrowing money and not paying back. You don’t know how lucky you are until you go through sad times and get it back as double.

33. Borrowing money and not paying it back is like enjoying a woman without satisfying her.

34. You may have borrowed my money and not yet paid it back, but I can assure you that any debt you owe me will no longer be a burden once it is settled

35. If you lend money to your friend, you may never see it again.Borrowing Money and Not Paying Back Quotes

36. Not only did you borrow money, but you also borrowed my time and trust.

37. Borrowing money to make ends meet but never returning the money is like an act of selfishness.

38. When a friend borrows money from you, it will ruin your relationship because they don’t respect you. The only thing they care about is your money.

39. Borrowing money from your friends is a bad idea. It ruins the friendship and makes the person who borrowed the money feel guilty for owing.

40. When you lend money to a debtor, you become an accomplice to fraud.

41. If you borrow money, pay it back, or you are saying, “I don’t give a shit about your money.” You should be ashamed of yourself.

42. When you want to borrow money from a friend or relative but don’t pay them back, bad things can start to happen.

43. When you borrow money from someone and refuse to return it, your behaviour is entirely unacceptable!

44. It’s time to stop borrowing money from your friends and family, and it’s time to start paying back the money you owe.

45. You should never borrow money and not pay it back. It’s the height of rudeness and can destroy your relationships.

46. If you’ve gone through financial difficulty and borrowed money from loved ones, it’s only right you make an effort to repay them. Borrowing money and not returning it isn’t very nice.

47. Returning a debt is not just a matter of honour. If you’ve borrowed money from people you care about and haven’t paid them back, you are evil.

48. If you’ve borrowed money from people who love and care about you, it’s necessary to repay them. If you don’t return what isn’t yours, you have done a bad thing.

49. If you’ve borrowed money and haven’t paid it back, you’re greedy and should not be spared.

50. It’s time you pay back the money you owe your loved ones. Failure to do so would be disrespectful and shameful.

51. You may have borrowed lots of money and don’t know how to pay it back. Know today that it’s vital to repay the money that you owe.

52. If you owe money to loved ones and don’t pay it back, it’s because you’re a terrible person.

53. Making excuses for not paying back people is not just evil, but it’s also disrespectful to the people you borrowed the money from.

54. If you’ve borrowed money from family and friends, don’t play games. Pay it back.

55. Don’t be that person. If you owe someone money, make sure you have a plan to pay them back.

56. If you don’t pay what you owe and return the money you borrowed, then I’m going to sue you. It’s that simple.

57. If you won’t pay back money that other people lend you, they’ll end up hating you.

58. It is one thing for someone to ask for money. It is another to receive it, never pay it back, and do it all again.

59. If you borrow and then default on your promise to repay, you’re nothing but just a jerk.

60. If you borrow money, pay it back. If you can’t pay it back, don’t borrow that much. It’s a simple rule.

61. People who are always borrowing money from you and are too lazy to pay it back should be shunned.

62. Friends who consistently borrow money then forget about it should be denied.

63. I hate people who borrow money and then forget to pay it back. They need to be taught a lesson.

64. If you happen to lend money to people who are too lazy to pay it back, then they’ll try to rationalize their actions and convince themselves that they don’t actually owe you anything.

65. Borrowers have no semblance or sense of respect or responsibility. You are better off without them.

66. Borrowers take your hard-earned money and don’t pay it back. Even when you put a little pressure on them, they still ignore your calls and miss their payments.

67. Borrowers are the worst. They make promises they can’t keep and then delay sending you money until you forget about it. Don’t lend out money to anyone.

68. People who borrow money and don’t repay are ungrateful. You put a lot of time and money into creating something special just for them, and they take it for granted. Don’t let this happen to you!

69. Borrowers who take your money and don’t repay are selfish and greedy. Take control of your money back now.

70. Don’t let someone else benefit from your hard work. Don’t be a weakling when people don’t repay their debts. Be firm and forceful.

71. When someone refuses to pay back what they owe, don’t let them get away with it. Stand up for yourself and do not let people run you over.

72. Stop being so nice to people. They owe you money—demand what is yours. You’ve gone out of your way to help others, don’t let them take advantage of you.

73. Don’t be a wimp. Don’t let people steal from you and get away with it. Get the money back! Stop them from stealing from the next guy!

74. If someone owes you money, get it immediately. The longer you wait, the less likely they will pay the money back.

75. You worked hard for what you have – make sure people learn to respect that. When people borrow from you, ensure they pay back.

76. When someone borrows and doesn’t pay back, they’re bad. Dishonesty like that ruins people. Don’t let someone be dishonest to you.

77. Wait a second! If you borrow money and don’t repay it, you are a thief, plain and simple.

78. Loan borrowers are the worst. They borrow money and never pay it back. Don’t allow them to borrow from you – you’ll never see your money again.

79. Every borrower is deadbeat. They’re all cheaters and liars who steal from you and never pay you back. Don’t fall for their excuses.

80. When people borrow money and refuse to pay back, make sure they pay the interest through their noses.

81. Debtors are parasites who exploit and drain the prosperity of others. They borrow money and refuse to pay back.

82. If you borrow money, you should pay it back! So sick of people not paying their debts.

83. When one borrows money from a friend, pay it back immediately. It’s just common sense.

84. Borrowers are thieves. If you don’t pay back people, you’re stealing from them. Make them pay for their bad behaviour.

85. If you’re struggling to pay back your friends and family, don’t take advantage of their generosity – they’re not a bank!

86. If you don’t pay back your friends and family, you’re taking advantage of their generosity – and that’s not cool.

87. You might think it’s worth risking your relationships over a few dollars, but don’t abuse the goodwill of people who care about you. When you borrow money, repay it.

88. If friends borrow money from you, they might not pay you back! You’ll be ruined!

89. When people borrow and refuse to pay, just write them off and move on with your life.

90. Borrowers are the absolute worst. They take your money, use it for whatever they want, and never pay you back.

91. When you borrow money and don’t return it, you take advantage of people’s generosity, and they give you their hard-earned money. This is not something that should be tolerated.

92. When someone borrows from you and refuses to repay, don’t wait for them to repay you or allow them to push you around. Be bold, take action, and stand your ground.

93. Get hard on those who borrow your money and refuse to pay back. They will respect you, and hopefully, they will pay you back as they promised!

94. Borrowers make me so mad. They poop all over your money, wait for you to forget about it, and then give you a little back when they feel like it.

95. Borrowers are dishonest and lie because they don’t care about anyone except themselves.

96. When you borrow money from a friend, the least you can do is make an effort to get yourself in order and repay the people who trusted you.

97. Demand guaranteed payment terms before you lend anyone another dime. People don’t repay the money they borrow these days.

98. Why give money to a freeloader? Isn’t that what you’re doing when you offer unsecured credit? Get guaranteed payment terms so you know you’ll be paid!

99. If you lend money to an ungrateful stranger, don’t expect them to repay it.

100. Borrowing money to make ends meet but never returning the money is an act of gross irresponsibility.

Loans are always a part of life. We all have lent money to someone at some point for one reason or another, whether it was to pay for college tuition, buy a house, or just get through the month. And sometimes, people don’t payback. It happens frequently enough that it is a reality we all have to deal with when lending money.

In most cases, it is not that the borrower doesn’t want to pay you back. Often they are just unable to make ends meet, and paying you back isn’t the top priority. There are also cases where they do not want to pay you back and try everything possible to avoid contact with you.

Whatever the case may be, just ensure that you watch out properly and agree on fair terms with your borrower so that you don’t become a victim of fraud and you can avoid unnecessary pitfalls as far as your finances are concerned.

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